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PocketELogs Installation

Instructions for Installation

You should plan on about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the installation of PocketELogs. The times will vary depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Simply, you will complete these steps:

  1. Download the package from the internet
  2. Run the installer package to complete install the palm conduit and queue the PDA program
  3. Hotsync your PDA to install the PDA program
  4. Complete the registration on the PDA
  5. Enter your entitlement on the PDA
  6. Hotsync to download the template and related support tables
  7. Test the application to ensure the template appears

Entitlement Number

You should have received a 15 character entitlement from either an e-mail from an order from the ELogs website or from your faculty instructor.

The entitlement will be formatted as: XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZ. You will enter this entitlement on your PDA during this process.

If you are evaluating PocketELogs, please use this entitlement number and credentials:

    Entitlement Number: WL1UX-L6AM1-GLMFF
    Username: studenttest
    password: test

Note that you evaluation unlock code will only post encounters to the studenttest account on the ELogs website. You should not share your entitlement number or credentials with others as they could potentially post encounters to the ELogs website with your identity.

Once an entitlement number has been used with an ELogs username, it will be permanently associated and may not be used with another ELogs username. Keep your entitlement number in a safe place but do not share with others.

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Download Package

The latest version of PocketELogs is available at anytime as a purchased product or for evaluation. Download the package to your desktop from PocketELogs-PalmOS

Copy and paste the URL into your browser or simply click on the link above to start the download.

Your browser will realize the link is actually a file and prompt you to Save or Open the file. Click Save.

Your browser will realize the link is actually a file and prompt you to Save or Open the file. Click Save.

Click in the Save in prompt at the top of the next dialogue box. Choose the top entry Desktop. Next, click on the Save button to save the application on your desktop.

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Run Installer

Either click on Open in the Download Complete dialogue or double click on the file placed on your desktop PocketELogs-PalmOS to start the installer. Click Next to start the installation.

Click Install to install the package to the default location or modify the installation location and then click Install.

After a brief pause, application will report the installation is complete. Note that if you have multiple palm accounts on your desktop computer, you will need to select which account to use.

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First HotSync

Before your first hotsync, ensure your HotSync manager is running in your system tray (lower right corner of your desktop.) Sometimes on Windows XP, you must hover your mouse pointer above left arrow button to reveal all of the applications running in the system tray.

If you do not see the HotSync Manager (red/blue arrows in a circle), then start HotSync Manager through Start, Programs, Palm Desktop, HotSync Manager. The icon should appear in the system tray.

If you still cannot find the HotSync Manager - go ahead and try to HotSync. If the HotSync will not start, you may need to install the Palm Desktop software on your computer again. Other sources of problems may be a disconnected cable or virus infestation.

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Complete Registration

Complete the registration by clicking on menu (button under house button in grafitti area of PDA) and then choose Registration.

Complete each field of the registration form with your personal data. The information is only gathered for support purposes.

After completing the registration form, tap menu and then Entitlements.

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Enter Entitlement

Upon a new installation, there will be no entitlements. Click New to add your first one.

The tip screen will report that you must key in your username and password exactly as they are used on the ELogs website. If you fail to complete the entitlement entry correctly, simply delete the entitlement and add it again.

Enter all fields on the entitlement screen as shown. Note that the enitlement number will convert to all uppercase as soon as you exit. The User Name and Password fields are case-sensitive. Click OK when finished. If the program reports an invalid entitlement, ensure you are keying the right number. If you entitlement code is being keyed correctly but still will not work, please contact support for resultion. click to e-mail ionware support

After the entitlement is accepted, you will be able to view your entitlement.

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After entering the entitlement click Ok, and exit PocketELogs. HotSync your PDA again to download your template and support data. The update will take a few minutes but you a progress bar will show in the middle of the screen advising what his happening.

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Test Success

After the Hotsync is finished, check that you a template was downloaded to your handheld by tapping PocketELogs. Then tap "Tap to Add New" on the bottom of the first screen. If your download was successful, you will see a template name of Graduate NP or Undgraduate NP appear as a choice. Tap that choice and the first screen will appear.

If the template choice is not available, check the HotSync log to see if any errors occurred during the HotSync and the probable reason for failure.

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